Saturday, June 24, 2006

Help Speed Up Your Dial-up Internet Connection

Hey there to dial-up modem fans.

This tip will help you change the speed of your dial-up a little.

The usual speed of most 56k modems clocking is usually at 33.6kbpm (in it sad the fact here in our locality)

After following through with the easy step by step instructions even a blind duck can read, Your Internet speed should now be reading at: 115.2kbpm.

This does work, i have been having it at this setting for ages and i can see the difference on my downloading speeds.

Hope this helps you all as this is an awesome site and some stuff one wishes to download have rather large files and to have these dribbling through a pathetic phone line is just a joke now an't it! - so if you honestly have no continuous cash flow happening for an awesome injection of Internet speed via a Broadband/Lan/T3 modem, then this is pretty well all hope you have left...and no, this extra speed does not increase any telephone bill size neither.


File :

Rar Pass:



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