Monday, June 26, 2006

Make Money just by Blogging !

This is all true this is not a scam or a hoax of some sort or those annoying pyramid schemes proliferating on the net today.This is all legal !

If you are internet savvy you've probably heard a lot about Google AdSense.Well, for one , it's a one of the popular and easyiest ways to generate revenue online without having to do a whole lot of work.

Google AdSense is a fast and absolutely legitimate easy way for people with blogs or websites of all types ranging from games to dog training the possiblities are limitless to setup and put relevant Google advertisements on the content pages of their site and earn money by just doing that.

The company has no strict criteria for acceptance into the AdSense program basically anyone can apply, and Google AdSense doesn't ask you with a minimum traffic requirement in your blog. The only criteria they're really after about is the standard acceptable content requirements, and that's pretty standard almost anywhere.
That it must not have pornographic,violent or illegal contenet in your blog or website.

Once you've been accepted into the service, you will be able to get the AdSense advertisements on any site you own using the same ad code, provided you obey the Google guidelines.They give you pretty deatailes steps once you already registered.

Before you sign up, it is imperative that you really have to read the lengthy and detailed FAQ on the AdSense site.The link is or you will regret it later just like what happen to a couple of friends of mind.Anyway,that's another topic for my next posts.

So what are you waiting for earn income by just updating blogs which I may say is very addictive.I know a lot of you feel the same way.Go to Google Adsense right now, and start getting those revenue checks in your mail.

To fill out the online application, go to:

For more information:


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