Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to make your XP bootable (Newbies Tutorial)

Download bootsector for XP

Extract your XP ISO file with winimage (or ISO Buster) to D:\winxpcd

Start Easy CD Creator 5 Project Selector, select Make A Data CD, Data CD Project

On the filemenu, choose new CD.... and Bootable CD

Boot type set to custom!
Leave Load Segment as it is!
Set Sector Count to 4!!!
Press browse

Locate the just downloaded XP bootsector file, choose open and the bootfiles are added to the lower pane

Select CDproject Properties

Now drag your XP setup files (D:\winxpCD) to the lower pane

When done press the Record button

Burn baby Burn!

This can also be done with CDRWIN, for that program interpret the Win2k boot CD page along with this one.


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