Monday, July 03, 2006

Useful Links

Free temporary and disposable email address

Do you hate it, to recieve spam in your private account? And no spam filter or spam blocker
works good enough for you? Thats no more a problem! Get your free disposable/temporary
email now. A disposable email address is something like a temporary account, which can be
used to avoid spam. For example use your temporary email account at registrations. So they
will never know your private address.

Link --->

How to search audio and video podcasts


If you’re turning off your TV and tuning into podcasts, you might want to learn how to
search for the content you like. And there’s no better way to search than by keyword, but
when you visit a typical search engine it’s not picking up on words spoken in audio and
video podcast. So, what’s a podcast lover to do? There is a new service online called
Podzinger, which allows you to go online and search all your favourite podcasts.
There is a tiny embedded player attached to all your search results, which will allow you
to identity the exact spot where your keyword was mentioned.


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